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Today - 2021-10-16
Latest commit by Chris Campbell
Update upstream (#25) * fix variant name for deployment * address rounding / truncation issues, display public key for compare after export (instead of before), new UI on Nano S to allow up to 3 * display_size characters for amount and fee display, update Nano X makefile rules not to remove printf on clean * Add Memo to transactions * Do not show static transaction fields for verify account * Remove unneeded code on approve in LNX * Add Operator, Senders, Recipients * Nano X UI * fix typos * update * update * Split nano s and x code * Nano X UI (old style) * Update * Bump version 1.0.1 * add missing includes * bump version to 1.0.2 * fix includes * add missing proto stubs * Remove -I /usr/include in CFLAGS * Upgrade nanopb * Remove deprecated os_mem functions * Add scanbuild CI * Bump version 1.0.3 * Remove unused pb_*.c files from src * fix: remove generated files Signed-off-by: Chris Campbell <[email protected]> * fix: include nanopb files from upstream Signed-off-by: Chris Campbell <[email protected]> Co-authored-by: TamtamHero <[email protected]> Co-authored-by: Ryan Leckey <[email protected]> Co-authored-by: Edouard Merle <[email protected]> Co-authored-by: yhql <[email protected]>